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The Lynx Alerting System from AB Transistor is a versatile wireless alerting system
with a range up to 30m.
This can be extended with the use of optional repeater(s).
Wristworn alert
Alternate use as armband
The Lynx System has a rechargeable Lynx MiniVib wrist-worn Receiver
that will flash different indicators and vibrate when triggered.
There are different Lynx transmitters to monitor specific events around the house or workplace:
Doorbell - Telephone - Baby Cry - Smoke Alarm - Audio Detector - Universal Transmitter
The Lynx Repeater can extend the range of the system to more than 100m.
More than one Repeater can be used for even greater coverage.
MiniVib Wristworn Receiver
Lynx MiniVib Receiver
LED indicators and Vibration
Wireless Smoke Alarm
Lynx Smoke Detector Transmitter
Baby Cry Detector
Lynx Baby Cry Transmitter
Doorbell Transmitter
Lynx Doorbell Pushbutton Transmitter
Flash Receiver
Lynx Flash Receiver
Telephone Transmitter
Lynx Telephone Transmitter
Audio Detector Transmitter

Lynx Audio Detector Transmitter
Universal Transmitter
Lynx Universal Transmitter
Lynx Repeater
Lynx around the home

Multi Function Alerting System
Vibro-Tactile Alerting Systems
Cruise Ships


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