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Companion/Favorit is a powerful personal amplifier/audio induction loop receiver and yes,
the spelling of 'Favorit' is correct...
(Swedish for 'pet' or 'companion')

Contrary to the information found on various websites, an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) like the Companion/Favorit is extremely flexible and can be adapted for use in many environments where hearing aids are about as useful as a parachute in a submarine.
Unlike hearing aids that use a subtractive approach for noise suppression, the Companion/Favorit increases the Signal to Noise Ratio in an additive manner so nothing is lost.
The Companion/Favorit has two user controls, a rotary dial for volume/on-off and a toggle switch for selecting microphone or telecoil.

There are two internal screwdriver adjustable controls for maximum gain and tone.

There is also an internal slider to disable the telecoil selector by fixing the toggle switch in microphone mode.

Overall, the gain is around 63dB, so the Companion/Favorit is suitable for conductive and severe to profound losses.
The Companion/Favorit has an external microphone socket, so any of our accessory microphones will further extend the usefulness for different listening situations.
Please also note that the Companion/Favorit headset socket is 3.5mm stereo so a standard stereo headset or stereo earbuds will work.
The Companion/Favorit can also be used as a loop pre-amplifier where a poorly installed loop system in a Church or theatre does not have enough field strength to develop a useable signal in a hearing aid telecoil. Just use the Companion/Favorit in Telecoil mode and use a 2 channel neckloop to provide an amplified, stronger, loop signal for the aid.
The Companion/Favorit is an Approved Device under the Commonwealth Government Hearing Services Program and can be supplied free of charge to eligible clients!
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