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AB Transistor AutoMini Audio Loop with Chair Loop Cushion

The AutoMini is a personal sound enhancer designed for anyone who uses a hearing instrument or cochlear implant equipped with a telecoil. It amplifies sounds from, for example, a TV.
The sound is transmitted via a chair cushion (included) with an in-built loop antenna. AutoMini gives you the right sound level without disturbing background noise,
regardless of the volume your family and friends prefer.

AutoMini is easy to use and works with all TV sets. It can pick up the TV sound in three different ways: via the TV's audio line-out socket, SCART socket, or via a microphone placed near the TV loudspeaker.

In certain TV sets with high definition video, there is a slight delay of the image compared to the sound when using a direct connection. This can be adjusted with a
time delay control on the AutoMini so that image and sound become perfectly synchronized. For older TV sets, the delay function can be turned off.
Because of its convenient shape, size, and simple connection, it is easy to take the AutoMini with you when you travel.
The 10m cable allows you to position the chair loop on any chair you like.
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