FM Systems

FM Systems

AudioLink Pro-tour II FM System

The AudioLink Pro-tour II System is a robust UHF FM system designed to pick up speech from a lecturer, teacher, or tour guide and transmit it to personal receivers with Headphones, Earbuds, Silhouette Couplers, or a Neckloop.

The AudioLink Pro-Tour II operates in the approved Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) UHF band (post Jan 2015) and has 16 user selectable channels for less chance of interference from other broadcast systems.

The performance of the AudioLink Pro-tour FM is within the requirements of the ACMA LIPD Class Licence, so no radio operator licence fees are required.

The AudioLink Pro-tour can be used as an individual system with one transmitter and one receiver, or, as a group system with one transmitter and multiple receivers.

If you choose a rechargeable system, an intelligent drop-in 'smart' charger is included.

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