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The elves in the back room have been hard at work again this year, so we have decided to let them rest and recuperate.
Their last day will be the
19th of December 2019 and they will return to work refreshed and rejuvenated on the 13th of January 2020 .

If you order anything in our online store during the break, we will have your order, PayPal will have your money, but we won’t be able to ship it until the elves are back!

The store will only be checked infrequently during the break, so if you sign up as a new customer, there will probably be a delay before your membership is enabled.
Please be patient .

Thank you to all our loyal customers.
Seasons Greetings and all the best for 2020!

We supply many different products.
Some to help you
hear better. Some for you to be heard while avoiding vocal strain!
We also have Australia's largest range of Clinical tools and consumables.
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Listening to TV a problem?
Constantly adjusting the volume? We have solutions available for one or more people trying to hear the TV.
Is the telephone too soft or is there too much background noise?
Telephone Alert and amplifiers
We have products that amplify both Mobile and Landline telephones.
We also have products that will notify you when the phone is ringing.
Need to be alerted to something around the home or workplace?
Our alerting systems can provide the answer.
Doorbell, Door Knock, Telephone, Baby Crying, SOS, Motion, Smoke Alarms, and more!
Looking for audio induction loops?
Room Audio Loop
We design and supply the most efficient systems in Australia.

Parkinson's, weak voice, or vocal strain?
Dr. James Parkinson ChatterVox voice amplifiers can assist.
Finding it hard to wake up?
Don't miss your flight!
Our vibrating alarm clocks can get you up on time.

Having difficulty hearing?
No need to shout We have personal amplifiers with proven performance that can help.
Concerned about moisture damaging your expensive aids?
Worried about losing them?
Armour for your hearing aids
Ear Gear is a great solution!
For the hearing care professional,
we also have a large selection of clinical tools and supplies.

Have a look around,
you will find many interesting devices and applications that are unique to

Phoenix Hearing Instruments!


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