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Alerting Devices Image
This group of affordable products will alert you to many different events around home, at work, or while you are travelling. Designed for those with hearing difficulties, these products do not need to be used with a hearing aid or cochlear implant. At Phoenix Hearing Instruments, we also have the capacity to customise an alerting solution for your individual needs. Just call or email to see what we can do for you.
Acoustic, visual, and tactile
doorbell alerts and alarms
Acoustic, visual, and tactile
telephone ring alerts and alarms
Acoustic, visual, and tactile
smoke alerts and alarms
Acoustic, visual, and tactile
baby cry alerts and alarms
Acoustic, visual, and tactile
SOS alerts and alarms
Acoustic, visual, and tactile
motion detector alerts and alarms

See also our range of vibrating clocks and vibrating watches.
Hearing Aid Protection and Security Image
Hearing Instruments and Cochlear Ear Level Processors are an important part of your life.
Unfortunately, they can be damaged or even lost. This group of products lets you easily protect that investment.

List of Ear Gear styles for hearing instruments -
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Please remember to measure your aid to make sure you select the correct style of Ear Gear!

How to install Ear gear - Click Here
Ear Gear is made of spandex it can be washed many times and it will still maintain its elasticity. We recommend hand washing Ear Gear in a mild detergent (a drop of sunlight dish washing liquid or similar all work equally well), then rinse your Ear Gear under cold running water and allow it to drip dry. Ear Gear should not be put in the washing machine or dryer.

Phoenix Hearing Instruments is the
Official Australian Distributor for Ear Gear
(Click here for the Ear Gear Distributor page)

Ear Gear Original
Ear Gear FM
Ear Gear Cochlear
Ear Gear Mini Curved
Ear Gear Mini Square
Ear Gear Mini Triangle
Ear Gear BAHA
Driers and Cleaners
Music (Inductive) Image
Listening to music can be difficult with hearing aids. If you use these products, you can again enjoy music without annoying background noise or interference.
Personal Listening Image
If your neighbours look like this, maybe you need to do something about it (moving probably isn't an option...)
Telephone Image
Telephones have changed over the years, but using them when you have a hearing problem is still as difficult.

The products in these categories can assist you with standard home phones, office phones, mobiles, and some cordless phones.
Swimming Aids Image
This is the one size we don't have! Enjoying water based activities is great fun, but some of us need to wear some form of protection, not just sunscreen.
Television Image
Maybe this is not really an alternative.

Is the TV up too loud? Still can't understand what is being said? Sadly, hearing aids 'over-process' the artificial sound from televisions making it difficult to understand. These products deliver the clearest possible sound at a level that will work for you with or without hearing aids.
Vibrating Clocks and Watches Image
Each of our clocks and watches have unique features. Choose from the elegant VibraQuartz wristwatches or a more sophisticated alerting system like the SafeWake.

Travelling? You could use the Sonic Shaker Travel Clock or take your SafeWake in the supplied travel pack for peace of mind wherever you stay.